No sound when return from hold

I have a problem with Bria or Asterisk, not sure yet. Bria Support is already trying to help me by email but I decided to talk about it here so if anyone has the same problem, please report it here.

When I recieve a call and need to put it in hold, when I return to it, I have no sound. And that person continue to hear music, like it was still in hold. The only way to return to the call and hear the other person is to tranfer the call to my own number (from me to me). The person that was on hold, only leaves it (only stop hearing hold music) when arrives me again, after transfer.

Do someone has this problem ?

This happens whit my jobs asterisk server. i tried with my ASP voip service and I had no problem getting out of hold.

Have you tried another soft phone to see where the issue is ? It’s a process of elimination.