No sound when migrating Asterisk

Hello everyone,

I need some help :frowning:

I build up IVR on my comp (Win OS), but using Virtual machine (VirtualBox) for Linux OS, and everything works perfectly there.
But when i export my virtual machine Linux with Asterisk to another computer, i have no sounds going trough :frowning:

I tested sounds with Linux sound test and itโ€™s working, in Asterisk console Iโ€™m not getting any errors. I have tested whole IVR by watching console and everything is working fine without errors (even recording to MySQL base).
Does it has anything to do with 10000-20000 ports, how to check if they are blocked?
Iโ€™m not even sure if problem is with Asterisk or Virtual machine, maybe codecs, or sound card on new comp.:confused:

Sounds I have recorded myself with WavePad Editor directly to GSM format.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :smile: