No sound in outgoing voicemail

I’m working with a 10.4.0 Asterisk system with GTalk for outgoing calls and we recently discovered that we can’t leave an outgoing voicemail. What happens is when we call any cell-phone (provider doesn’t seem to matter, tried AT&T and Verizon phones) and attempt to leave a voicemail it gets cut off after a few seconds with the message, “We’re sorry, either your connection was bad or you weren’t speaking. If you would like to leave another voicemail press…”.

There are no error logs or debug messages. There is no voicemail left on the end system. Voice calls all work well when the callee actually picks up but voicemails do not seem to work.

Any suggestions?

In case anybody else runs across this:

In the sip.conf file there is a section [pingtel]. In this, uncomment the “insecure=invite” (as well as the [pingtel] line). This seems to be a flag that carriers are forcing. This should stop the 401/Auth errors and allow the voicemails to connect.

The pingtel section should only be present if you have specifically configured to use Pingtel.

The password in that section is, by default, used for both inbound and outbound connection, but most ITSP don’t try to authenticate with you. incsecure=invite turns off the password check for incoming INVITEs.