No Sound After Fresh Install

I am installing a new system, I used Version 4 How To Install Goautodial From Scratch using CentOS 7X - GOautodial Open Source Omni-channel Contact Center Suite - GOautodial Open Source Omni-channel Contact Center Suite (predictive dialer + inbound IVR & ACD + non-voice) and updated accordingly. Re-did the installation a few times and WebRTC will not work, it just hangs on “Logging into phone…” and never connects. I disabled WebRTC and used zoiper to connect via SIP and when I login, it rings to zoiper, but when I answer, the normal “You are the only one connected to this extension” does not play, and using asterisk -r it says “File confbridge-join does not exist in any format”. I have firewalls shutoff, and ports forwarded. Any ideas how to diagnose this? Like I said, I have repeated this install process a few times with the same result, zero error during the install.

It uses Asterisk 13.17.2

Which was fully end of life last October!

Sounds like you didn’t install all the sound files.

Some of the other things sound like they depend on goautodial.

Yeah its not the easiest system to install. I use it solely for the predictive dialing functionality. I have installed this previously without issues, but it has been a few years. If you know of any other system that does predictive dialing and is free please let me know.

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