No samples for lintoulaw?

I just upgraded to 1.4 from 1.2. I get these messages on CLI console:
WARNING[9373]: translate.c:163 framein: no samples for lintoulaw

I see it when I call to a SIP user, the user is busy so call goes to his voice mail, after voice message left and # pressed, there is no graceful hangup like it use to be with 1.2 version, but an endless series of beeps during which I see those console messages, I have to press hangup on the phone to end that. I use real time extensions, and a soft phone X-lite.
What does this mean, is it a configuration issue or a bug?

Hmm, I thought this is a support forum. Don’t see much support though.
I guess 1.4 version needs to go through QA first.