No root

1st time installing asteriskNOW was last night. Made a couple users/extensions and got then going with softphones.

Cool stuff here…

I guess there is this sip.conf file Im going to need to get things going with telasip. So I go to find it. Im going to use slocate but 1st. I know I have to create the default slocate database.
So I do the command as I do on all my linux machines: updatedb
& I get back “fatal error: updatedb: You are not authorized to create a default slocate database!”

Oh thats right, I didnt log in as root. In setup I set a root password, but I have to log in as ‘admin’.

So I do what anyone would do… Issue a “su -” … But su - drops me to root so back to the root cant log in problem…
ps -aux shows proccess running as root.

Why cant I log in as root?


search the forum for “asterisknow” and you’ll find the answers.

ah… sudo passwd root

Duh… Should have thought of that…