No ringback for caller on inbound calls using

I notice what appears to be serious Bug in asterisk and

When I receive calls from any DID provider there is no ringback that a caller hears if I use Answer() in my context-dialplan

Example I have a DID 812-952-5702 from vitelity and using trunk “vitel-inboundâ€

If it is a serious bug, why are your reporting it here and not on the issue tracker?

Why are you using a beta version in a production environment?

I would suggest that this symptom is so obvious that there must be something special about your environment. Maybe your outgoing provider is making Asterisk think that they are providing media when they are not.

Hi David,

Thanks your your input.

[quote=“david55”]If it is a serious bug, why are your reporting it here and not on the issue tracker?
I did post it on the issue tracker shortly after posting here.

There was an issue with failover in 1.6.1 that prevents be form using it. And earlier versions than this, lacked features I need. So no choice but to use Bata. I should have reported the failover issue back when I still had time and hoped it got fixed in time.

It does seem very obvious and that is why I done a lot of testing and reading on the forum to find others with same issue. But couldn’t find any.

I have tried it on 3 separate servers… Same thing. Even one of my Techs whos very good with Asterisk told me to report this.

My calls are going to an Ata or softphone logged on to my server so I am not using an outgoing provider.

However when I upgraded to bata I started having some issue to some NPA NXXs but not to others even though I am using the same company. But I didn’t mention this until now.

I would have said the most likely category for the bug report was channels/chan_sip and would have included the standard information for a SIP bug report.

The reason I didn’t include additional info was because it’s such an easy item to test. If they test and not have same issues I will include cli output