No more REGISTERs after two 401's

Hi all,

I have a problem where my trunk provider is blaming Asterisk for not being RFC compliant. So i would like to know if what i experienced is expected behaviour.

I know a 401 after an unauthenticated REGISTER is not unexpected and after that my PBX just uses authentication and everything works as expected. This question is not about he REGISTER,401,AUTH REGISTER, 200 “dance” :slight_smile:

My trunk provider had a technical problem and because of that problem they started sending 401’s after my authenticated REGISTERs. That was obviously their fault and it can happen (it shouldn’t but ok…).
The real problems started when two 401’s were received within 15 seconds. Instead of using some sort of cooling-off period, the PBX stopped REGISTERing this trunk. Obviously this created an outage that lasted much longer than needed.

My trunk provider says this is an Asterisk problem, but because two 401’s within 5 minutes did not cause this behaviour i think there is some RFC for when you receive two 401’s within seconds. Unfortunately i am reading the RFC’s, but i cannot find this section.

Does anybody know what causes Asterisk to stop REGISTERing a trunk when it receives 401’s shortly after each other?

Thanks a lot!