No media from Calle - Webrtc in asterisk 15

Hello all,

I need help from you to solve the below issue…
While calling from caller to calle in webrtc I am getting this error
- Strict RTP learning complete - Locking on source address

Why do you think “Strict RTP learning complete - Locking on source address” is an error?

It could be, Im not an guru on webrtc, but to me this looks just like a message, not an error message.


Thank u for your response…I am struggling with one way audio issue in webrtc asterisk 15…
In CLI I had found this error…So this has to be solved when media flows from caller to calle.
I had set directmedia=no in both peers.

That is never an error (unless the address quoted is wrong, but then it is the wrong address that is the error not the locking on).

Ok …I will check and update