No dialtone on SIP phone


I get no dialtone neither on my x-Lite (Soft)SIPPhone nor on my ATA (Hard)SIPPhone when the phone is registered with asterisk and “off-hook”. Any idea how to tweak asterisk to give dialtone? Am I overlooking some important configuration parameter somewhere?

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I’ve never used the X-lite, but i can’t see how you can get dialtone on a softphone anyway. You generally enter the number you want to dial and then hit some kind of “send” button.

On hard phones, the dialtone is generated by the phone itself. Its only purpose is to show that it’s registered and able to make calls. Can you make calls from your hard phone? (Is it a hardphone or is it an ATA???) If you can, then there may be something you can configure to give you the dialtone. If you can’t, then there’s probably something wrong with the configuration either of the phone or of Asterisk (assuming the network side is functioning properly).

What make/model of hard phone is it?

Hello Pedros,

Are you sure your phone is registred ? Cause when my grandstream 101 is not registred, I got no dial tone.

Same for X-Lite, you you select a line, you should get a dialtone if the softphone is sucessfully registred I think.