No Connected Number Presentation on PRI

Hi All,

Sorry about posting here, but nobody could help me in the users forum.
So, here we go…

I’m using Asterisk 1.2.7 with Zaptel 1.2.5 and LibPRI 1.2.2 on Debian Sarge.
It connects a PRI trunk to a SIP based network. When calling from PSTN to
P2P we have our numbers built of 2 digits LAC then 4 digits PDN and then 5
digits extension. The Asterisk is configured as a PRI_CPE using Q.931.

The problem is when a call comes from the PRI network (PSTN -> P2P)
the Asterisk does not send a Connected Number (IE=12) within the CONNECT
message. This causes that the called number loses the last 5 digits on the
calling phone when the P2P client answers the call.

Can anyone help me make Asterisk send the Connected Number.

Thanx in advance