No channel type resgitered for ''


I have some problems to make outbound call working with VoIPJet. Below is what I did.

  • I managed to have VoIPJet as the service provider in AsteriskNow. I entered the user name and password.
  • I set up the “User” and “Calling Rules”.
  • When I tried to make an outbound call to somewhere, it did not work and I got the following message in Asterisk Console
    …channel.c:2910 ast_request:No channel type registered for ‘’ (cause 66 - Channel not imlemented)
    Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)

When I use “iax2 show peers” command, Asterisk did show me the status like below

CLI: IAX2 show peers
Name/UserName Host Mask Port Status
trunk_1/5420 (S) 4569 Unmonitored

My question is: do I need to set somewhere for this channel thing in AsteriskNow? It is clear to me that I missed somewhere and Asterisk is now able to find the channel type.


I have exact same problem. Did you solve this?

Please post your related config. sections in iax.conf and extension.conf …
I had it workong fine for a client (but not using *Now)