No audion in PlayBack & BackGround

I am using below extension, but there is no voice on ss7 channel. Is there any way to resolve the issue.?

exten => 1205,1,Progress()
exten => 1205,n,Playback(macroform-robot_dity,noanswer)

exten => 1205,1,Progress()
exten => 1205,n,Background(macroform-robot_dity,n)

Are you using libss7? If so, that is not supported here.

Otherwise, are you an ordinary customer, using a public telephone operator? If so, it would be unusual for them to support early media, as it allows you to run recorded services without paying for them.

Is there any way to support early media? any software from digium/asterisk/sangome?

Asterisk supports early media on SIP, but cannot force a service provide to accept it.

I can’t say for certain whether it supports it on circuit switched digital networks, but if you are using libss7, the expertise is not here. The Asterisk core will support it, but the channel driver might not.

I would suggest you turn up the logging and see whether or not it tries to use early media.

HI David,

thanks for your help. I found the solution for this problem. now its working fine.