No audio on sip or iax call, plus error in syslog

I am working on testing a voip system. In my sip.conf I have a working configuration for a couple of numbers from ipkall ( a free incoming provider), I have added another provider, and now when I dial in on the new provider, I get no audio on over half of the calls (I haven’t found a pattern as to which ones work and which ones don’t). When I have verbosity on in the cli, the call is accepted and goes through the dialplan normally. When I turn on SIP debugging, I am not seeing a difference between a working call (with audio) and a non working call. In my syslog, I see the message

Jan 31 09:45:39 pax asterisk[5192]: rc_avpair_new: unknown attribute 1490026597

If I switch to using iax instead of sip (on both my side and the providers side), I am getting the same error message and behaviour.

I see that the rc_avpair_new error has to do with a radius client, and the number at the end should tell you what it is looking for, but I can’t find any mention of 1490026597 anywhere. I have also tried concatenating the dictionary.sip to dictionary but no change.

Turns out someone upstream was filtering some of the rtp ports - I narrowed down the port range in rtp.conf and now it works every time. I still get the error message listed above, so if anyone knows what it is (and if it is a problem) please let me know.