No application ENUMLOOKUP

i’m trying to use enumlookup in asterisk but get error " pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘EnumLookup’ for extension…"
my exten is define like this :exten => 123,1,EnumLookup(001)
also when trying 'show function ENUMLOOKUP on asterisk cli i get error "No such command ‘show function ENUMLOOKUP’ "

any idea ?


ENUMLOOKUP is a dialplan function not an application: … n+Function

thanks for reply …but seem like i don’t have Enumlookup function in my build .
should i install/configure something ?

From your Asterisk source directory, if you run “make menuselect,” do you see func_enum listed with an * under the Dialplan Functions category?

seem like i had some problem with asterisk … i reinstall asterisk and all works