NIC gone after installing driver for TE110P


I encouner this kind of problem. I cannot ping, i cannot browse the internet, i cannot be seen anymore from the other PC after i have configured “zaptel.conf” with

the i execute the command
" modprobe wcte11xp “
” ztcfg"

i have have a blinking red LED at my TE110P and when i connect my channel with cross
T1 cable the green LED is up indicating that there is a connection between channel bank and TE110P while the channel bank recognizes the TE110P and the active LED of channel bank has 1 second blinking indicating that the channel bank and TE110P is operational.

But when i trie to browse internet i discovered that i do not belong anymore in the network
please help why this happend?
How to resolve this problem?

i have intel D865perl motherboard,
with 5 PCI slots, the TE110P is mounted at PCI 3 while NIC realtek mounted at PCI 5
I have AGP video card

My channel bank is Rhino
with 2 FXO module good for 8 Channels
and 4 FXS module good for 16 channels

Sounds like an IRQ conflict maybe try a different pci slot … leshooting

Thanks for the immediate response.

it answers my problem
i have disabled my Hyper threading support,
my floppy disk controller, my audio support, my paraller and serial port

and now everything works fine:)