Newbie request for pre-sale document

Hi Geniuses:

I am going to be creating an Asterisk server in my company. I have chosen Asterisk because it is the best in the class and help is available at every corner. In that spirit, can you please point me to a link that will help me get the best product? Most likely I will choose … T1-E1-Card

I would like to know about PCI pass through for a VM installation.

Thanks for your help

You need to ask Digium sales about that, not the open source software users. However, I hope they would say that they do not advise using a VM.

We would (advise not attempting to use it on a VM). Using a hardware device that needs precise timing against a line to the PSTN, that both provides and needs precise timing, in pass-through mode on a VM isn’t something we’re going to be able to assist you with. I don’t imagine it’d work very well, and if one did manage to make it work temporarily, I imagine things would go awry in all kinds of off-nominal situations.

The hardware’s going to work best when you’re running it on a host OS.