Newbie question


lemme explain the situation first. The company have classic pbx (ericsson businessphone 50) and like 30ish extensions on site. Connected to the outside world with 10 chanells over E1 (PRI).
The company also have over 50 stores around the country, each one have normal pstn line. Recently, because of sw they use, they connected every location to the internet so now they want to remove pstn connections and do voip phone in every store.
As this would be one of my first (kinda) bigger solution, i have some questions. I thought of having * box with 2 e1 cards, one facing existing pri line and other one facing ericsson, which they are not yet ready to remove. Is that ok?
Other qustion is call routing. Will i be able to route calls through ericsson to classic extensions, or it’ll need some ericsson programming? The same goes for dialing extensions on *, will they be reachable through ericsson without some ericsson programming?

I hope someone has done some job with this kind of s… stuff. =)

We have many case like this.

It is better to connect your asterisk to errision’s extension line while not the trunk line. this will not change the headoffice’s current network, and save the cost of E1 lines. even when your asterisk down, your old network still work.

when call from head office to the branch, they could dial extension number , this call will reach the asterisk and then go to the branch’s extension.

I have some articles for you. … ex&catid=3