Newbie query


just wondering if my train of thoughts make any sense.
I imagine setting up asterisk on a virtual blade server irent, that also shows some web pages. My staff and i use ip phones in several offices and soft phones on smartphones to connect to the asterisk server for both incoming and outgoing calls. Asterisk would also serve as voicemail and conference call server. Asterisk should divide incoming calls to any ip or soft phone logged on. Internal calls between my staff and i use a short number to dial.
All i would need to make all that work is to buy an ip trunk with numbers from a voip provider to connect the asterisk server ( and us ) to the rest of the world.

Is that right, does that work, or am i missing something?

Thanks for any feedback.


VM’s don’t work well with real time applications , like VoIP, unless carefully tuned.

Hard phones are generally less of a problem than soft phones.

This is the wrong forum for support questions.

Your subject does not summarise the question.

Take in account David’s comments, but generally the answer is yes. You are on the right track. But you will have to do a lot of work to learn about VoIP, Linux and Asterisk.

Well, thanks guys. That is encouraging. I administered many a network and node using Linux a.o. I will be cracking on asterisk and voip in the weeks ahead.


I wish you have a lot of fun learning new things. If you have some Asterisk issues, feel free to contact us that are active on these forums :wink: