Newbie - price question

regarding a pbx for home or small office … if i compeer the prices between
digium and a small pbx like Panasonic “kxt206h” …
the prices are about 100$ - 300$ with 2 fxo and 6 fxs …it
seem like a match chipper solution … can any one explain the different
between the solutions …


asterisk offers a lot more possibilities as well its a lot easier to upgrade, add new phones etc. should you need to. With panasonic you are locked in to what they have to offer.

I agree, you are comparing Apples and Oranges. A small key system is what you see is what you get. An Asterisk based solution will provide you functionality and features that exceed many $500K PBX systems.

You need to define what your needs are and then decide which system makes the most sense.

Keep in mind one thing, phones systems need to be stable and you need to select an Asterisk based vendor that has thought this all out and is not just ordering a PC from Dell and installing the software.

Here is a small asterisk pbx, it is very reasonably priced.
check it out