[newbie needs advice] settingup video message leaving system

we are having an office function and looking to have a video message leaving system. following is the idea

*video voice mail system runs on asterisk (connected to office network)
*two android phones will be there running softphones (connected to office network via wifi) for office staff to use
*office staff member dials a given number -> short prerecorded video message is displayed (voice mail greeting) then staff member can record a video message using phone’s front camera and mic and hangs up -> pass the phone to next staff member


  1. is this possible with asterisk (straight out of installation or do we need commercial plugins)? if so can someone please let us know necessary components / plugins?
  2. what are the recommanded softphones for android (with video support)?
  3. do we need high speed wifi connection (office has .11g network)

thanks in advance