Newbie: Making Mobile to Mobile calls through Asterisk

Sorry for the dumb question but I have been asked it by my boss. I don’t think it is possible but wanted to check with someone first, before answering them.

Here goes.

Is it possible to make calls from one moble phone to another mobile going through our asterisk servers.

We have an asterisk server in our UK office and one in Canada. If I was on a mobile phone and wanted to call a someone in Canada on a mobile, is it possible to use our asterisk server some how to reduce the cost of this call.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

it’s not a dumb question and yes it is possible, you can use disa for this, you dial to your local extension and when you use the disa applicaton you get a dialtone then you can dial the number and route the call to the other asterisk server. and from there you use the local lines to go out

mobile > uk asterisk > canada asterisk > mobile

Refer the following URL for DISA. Here they are explaing the pros and cons of using DISA .


Great. Thank you very much for the quick responces.

I will look in to DISA, and let you know if I get it working.