Newbie: Is this possible

I would like to deploy Asterisk in our company in Africa. The company has 1200 analog lines spread across three different locations.
We intend to put up 100 analog phones in location A of the campus, whilst
there are 50 analog phones in Location B and 1050 analog phones in the main location. The main location is expected to grow to eventually hold 3000 phones.
In location A, there are five POTS lines already installed, 2 POTS Lines into Location B and 16 POTS lines into Location C.
We have LANs in each of the three locations supported by a fibre backbone. We would like to interconnect the three campuses as branch extensions as well as exploit the potential of the Internet.

Thank you.

A bit bigger AAH arrangement than the one I have running in my home, I will say, but from a theoretical standpont, I think this should be quite possible.

The main principple, I will belive is that the whole installation will need to have some distributed structure. This will say that it will be neccessary to use a number of Asterisk servers that will have to be connected or related to each other.

In this way a number of AAH servers will have to build up a structure of local telephony nodes handeling local trafic at the node and then trafic between nodes.

I think that one imortant parameter exept for the number of extensions is how big the trafic load will be and how much of this trafic will have a caracter of local trafic and how much will be trafic between nodes.

Don’t know much about such big installations at all, just try to think. Due to the nature of the Asterisk server and ip telephony, and internet, Asterisk could from a theoretical point of view handle all ip telephony in the world, but not from one server.

I hope that there is somebody else knows some more about “reality” and that has experience with bigger installations.

Quite an interresting question …