Newbie Dial Plan Headaches

Please accept my apologies in advance if this has been posted elsewhere.

I am setting up a PBX for a client in Mexico, using Trixbox2 & three U.S. ITSPs. I want the client to be able to dial ‘Mexican’, the system therefore will need to complete the call in ‘American’. I would like all calls to go to the principal ITSP, with the other two in place in case of outages. After following a couple of excellent threads and reading TFM’s, I put together a plan, but I wound up using one trunk for fixed line calls, one for internationals, & the other for cellphone calls. I’m also currently getting the famous ‘All circuits are busy’ message. Arg. Here’s the deal & how I’ve approached it:

  1. For local calls to a fixed Mexican line, 7 digits are dialed. 01152 needs to be added for the ITSP to complete the call.
  2. For long distance to a fixed line in Mexico, 01 + 10 digits are dialed. 01 needs to be stripped and 01152 added.
  3. For local Mexican cellphone calls, 044 + 10 digits are dialed. 044 needs to be stripped & 01152 plus a 1 need to be added.
  4. For long distance Mexican cells, it’s 045 +10 digits. 045 needs to be stripped & 01152 plus a 1 needs to be added.
  5. For calls to the U.S., 001 + 10 digits are dialed. The 00 is stripped, leaving 1 + the 10 digit number.

In my outbound routes, I currently have set up a route called ‘FixedLine’. :
My trunk for these calls has this dial pattern:
… I think this should work for 1 & 2. It works when I dial directly from a softphone directly registered to the provider, but not thru the * box, so I know the trunk dialing rules are correct & that I’m registering.

My second outbound route, ‘Cell’, looks like this:
And its trunk like this:
… this should be right for 3 & 4, but only works when I dial from a softphone directly registered to the provider.

The third, ‘International’, is this:
With nothing in the trunk’s dial pattern.

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Is it possible to combine the rules in order to have a main & two backup trunk?
    Any help greatly appreciated!!