New User - Syntax Help

Working on a new setup trying to receive incoming calls from an IAX termination service. I can dial in usung the new number and that works in that I can play messages to the incoming call. I can even forward the call to me cell phone.

But - I have a xten software phone and I’m trying to bridge the call to the software phone (SIP) and cant figure out what the syntax of the diax command is.

Or - maybe I don’t have the xten phone set up to ring.
Unable to create channel of type SIP (cause 3 - No route to destination)

I forgot to post this:

exten => 4153541127,1,Dial(SIP/mperkel)

Is that the right dial string if I’m trying to ring a viop phone that the user loging is mperkel?

do you have an entry in sip.conf for [merkel] ?? post the relevant parts of that file here.

Here’s me sip setting.

callerid=Junk Email Filter <4153541127>

is the softphone registering properly ? can you make calls from it ?

Yes - I can make calls from it just fine. Thanks for helping me.