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I have been playing around with asterisk for a few days now as I am trying to set it up for use at home. I have it installed and now I am able to connect to it with softphones, and I am interested in moving forward and trying to connect asterisk to my home phones. I have a motorola vt2142-vd device that I got from Vonage (I currently do not use Vonage now, I just have the device) I was wondering if anyone here knows exactly what that device has in it for port (FXO or FXS) and if I will be able to use it to help connect my asterisk box to my home phone wiring.


This won’t help you. What you have is a Vonage gateway. The ports on it are FXS used for plugging in regular phones to use Vonage. I can’t think of any way this would help you interface with your Asterisk box. What you would need are a couple IAXYs from Digium, or an analog board with some FXS ports, or some other kind of analog-to-digital box to plug in regular phones.