New tool posted on SourceForge: AgiTerm

Hey folks – I’m a bit new to the Asterisk game, and thought that this tool might be useful for others, at least other newbies. check out:

This is a very early release of AgiTerm, a Java utility that listens for incoming AGI connections on a specified port. For each incoming connection, it opens a frame and allows a command/response conversation. I included a dropdown box with all of the AGI commands and syntax.

Use the “-port=” option to specify connection port, or leave it blank for default. I will release the source after I clean it up a bit.

One more thing – it doesn’t work very well with the gij linux runtime, but does fine with sun java on linux.

Please send me your feedback - would like to know how I can make this more useful.

Added a new option (-console) to support stdin/stdout processing for agi-bin style execution.