New to netwrok

Dear All,
Could any one help me explaining what is the difference b/t E1 & T1 as well as please send me some document which contains simple explanation for all telecom/network related elements?


Sure, here comes the document:

Not meant offensive dude, but you can google that infos, cuz there are gazillion sites full of these infos, which i doubt anyone would compile to a compendium here…

Yeah Dear,
That means we can get everything from google, then what is the use of this group?

  1. This forum is to help users in asterisk-specific questions
    Your issue is about localized ISDN protocols, not asterisk-so you are off topic.

  2. The informations are way to much to post them here with such generalized questions like you asked. That question is like
    "What is the difference between brown coal and nuclear power and please send documents to me".

I doubt you will find “many” doing the work for you and even “sending” documents to you because you are too lazy to google at least for basic terms and then even getting “funny” when being told so.

I am not your dear

Issue closed.

If you go to the first post in the forum and read the post “Read Before Posting Your Answer Maybe Here” you will find some links that should help you

Thanks a lot friend.