New to Asterisk

Hello every one, my old telephony system just went down, I have a rethorex / vocalist 21 system that interacts with a panasonic pbx for about 10 years it worked fine but the computer broke and the rethorex card was ISA, so is time to move on.
Can any one tell me if I the asterisk solution with a analog thelephony card can work as a voice mail answering system and can I integrate it with my actual panasonic pbx.
Thanks in advance

Of course,

1.- you need to have an analog card (fxo, fxs) and define a group in zapata.conf in order to allow asterisk to answer calls from pbx and dial from asterisk to pbx.

2.- create voicemail user with voicemail.conf

2.- Dial plan ,Extension.conf
exten => 112,1,VoicemailMain
exten => 112,2,Hangup


Gracias Ramon
I will buy a analog card and start making tests