New to Asterisk. Seeking advice about my problem

Hi all, I have only read of Asterisk but never played with one.

I own a small medical practice and wish to have an automated system reminding my patients of their upcoming appointments. This hopefully frees up more time from my staff.

The “dialer” should comprise of two parts – one pre-recorded message and one “dynamic” part reading out patient’s name and scheduled appointment time. i.e. “This is ABC reminding of your appointment on <date/time>.”

It would be nice if the system had a “Press 1 to confirm” at the end as well.

So, am I in the right place looking at Asterisk/Digium/AsteriskNow? If so, could someone please tell me what are the parts that I need to build such a system, for example
i) hardware (PC, modem boards)
ii) software (not just Linux O/S, anything scriptable?)
iii) environment (i.e. do i just connect to my plain-old-telephone line?)

Thanks for much in advance!

See this mine old post, perhaps it’s useful to you: .


Marco Bruni