New Set-up


I recently installed Asterisk @ Home. We have 1 Head Office and 4 Branches each with a 4096/256 ADSL connections.

Here is the setup:

Head Office - AAH Server & 2 Softphone users
Branch 1 - 2 Softphone users
Branch 2 - Gateway with 2 phone ports (only 1 used)
Branch 3 - Extensions set up in AAH but not yet used (2 users)
Branch 4 - Extension set up in AAH but not yet used (1 user)

I plan on installing gateways with 2 phone ports in all locations instead of the softphones (Planet VIP-157S). These gateways will in turn be connected to the PABX of each outlet, so that all users can make use of the voip from their current desk phone.

The extensions are set up as SIP.

Any recomendations to any adjustments I can make, as I do not wish to run into the expense of buying gateways, and will then not work.

Maximum concurrent calls is 2, and the current locations that are set-up work ok.

Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: