New RoHS directive ... are you affected?

today i tried to order a new Sangoma a101u for a new install, only to find that my distributor has been told by Sangoma that there is a 9 week lead time as they need to make the range RoHS (Restriction … Hazardous Substances) compliant … a new directive from Brussels on 1 July 2006.

looks like i’ll be phoning around tomorrow trying to find one in stock !

i wonder if Digium are in the same boat ?

Yes this is the case on all equipment, But it seems that Sangoma are VERY slow off the mark. AVM have finaly got theirs done as have most others. Im not sure about Digium, There does seem to be limited supply. But the rules do allow Distys to sell their existing stock.

This is a copy of part of my disclaimer.

[quote]The EU RoHs directive has been transposed into law in the UK and Ireland with effect from 1 July 2006. The directive sets out certain restrictions on which substances electronic and electrical equipment may contain, and makes it illegal to put on to the market products that do not comply with the directive.
The directive is addressed to the manufacturers of the products, and has for some time been working with its suppliers to enable us to only to sell products after 1 July 2006 that we can legally resell. The directive allows as distributor to sell non-compliant products after 1 July, provided the products have been put on the market by the manufacturers prior to that date. As a reseller you may also sell such products to your customers after that date.

As there is a lot of confusion. But in the end Sangoma has had a long time o get this sorted.



well, i’ve managed to secure the last from a distributor/reseller, they’ve sold 50 in the last week as other sellers stock up in advance.

what fun !

Until its in your hand dont assume you have got it. I had a customer who bought a TE110P from a “reseller” 3 weeks ago and still waiting, I recently was “sold” half a dozen ATAs and when they didnt arrive did the disty actually say they didnt have stock. I also know some resellers selling AVM cards when there was none avaliable from AVM.

At the moment its best only to deal with the Distys you trust.



point taken. i did phone and request they confirm stock before i ordered it on their website. if it doesn’t materialise then i’ll look at alternatives (again).

it’s a good job BT take so long to provision PRI lines :smiley: