New Major Release Approaching?

This questions is for developers, I guess. I notice bugs being closed/fixed at the rate which is indicative of either approaching end of the world or a major release. If it’s the latter, what can we expect feature-wise? T.38 over SIP and IAX? If the former, why this fury of activity?

I know that there is supposed to be a new major release soon but from looking through the closed bugs it looks like someone is just going through and cleaning house. I applaud there efforts as I got very nervous looking in there when I first started and saw so many issues some of which had not been resolved for quite some time. Now if you go in there are very few bugs and mostly just feature requests.

I believe yesterday (May 31st, 2006) was the last day to get a new feature into the next major release of asterisk 1.4. The next major release of asterisk is scheduled for July 2006. You can read more about the asterisk release cycle here: