New install: manager.conf missing

I’m running centos 4.9 on a raq4 server
just installed zaptel-1.2.27, and asterisk-, everything went fine, but at the end there is no manager.conf file anywhere. When I first started asterisk the startup scroll showed:
'Unable to open AMI configuration manager.conf, or configuration is invalid. Asterisk management interface (AMI) disabled.'
should I create my own manager.conf file?

The start scroll showed several other modules missing as well, namely:
Can’t find indications config file indications.conf.
Could not load features.conf
Could not find valid ccss.conf file.
No ‘modules.conf’ found, no modules will be loaded.

I’m a newbie to asterix so thanks for any advice.

make samples creates specimen .conf files, which you must edit. Otherwise you need to create the files yourself.


Not sore if your versions are coreect but centos 4.9 !!! surly you mean 5.5.or 5.6 ? Zaptel 1.2. dont you mean Dahdi ??

and did you do a make samples ?? … rom+Source is as good a place as any to start with


@ david55, thanks that did it

@ ianplain: centos 4.9 is the latest version you can easily get onto a raq4. For the install I was following these instruction here: … CentOS+4.x
it says to install zaptel.

I’m not sure that the 1.8 series Asterisk’s support the use of zaptel any longer. Conversely, I suspect dahdi may not support CentOS 4.x series.


That guide is very outdated and assumes asterisk 1.2

some people seem to have got centos 5.4 on raq4 hardware by the looks of it … 6-dvd-iso/

Good luck

I managed to get centos 5.5 on a raq4 and was one of the first to do it, problem is it takes a couple of hours at least and is not entirely viable.
Raq’s don’t have a cd drive so an iso link is of no use.