New endpoint column in ps_contacts?


I wonder how the new endpoint column added to the ps_contacts get populated in the latest asterisk 13.11.2 version.
All my endpoints are registered in the ps_contacts table but only some of them have the corresponding endpoint in the endpoint column.

Sorry for the delayed response, many of us were at AstriCon last week.

When an endpoint registers for the first time, the endpoint is added to the contact but if an endpoint is just re-registering, the contact row isn’t updated with the endpoint name. So if some of your contacts existed before you upgraded to 13.11 and haven’t actually unregistered or expired since, the endpoint will be empty.

As a site note, if your situation allows it, you may want to consider letting the contact storage default to the internal astdb (based on sqlite3) rather than using a database. Since contacts are updated frequently, there’ll be a little less overhead and delay even with thousands of contacts. Subscriptions would fall into the same category.

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Thanks a lot for the info.