New asterisk system

Hello everybody

I am looking to setup a asterisk system at the office in which I work. I pretty much understand the basics of it but i was woundering if anybody had a suggestion of a type of setup i should go with.

I have a standard Desktop PC
I have 4 different Analog telcom numbers coming in.
I am going to purchase some VOIP lines as well
I have a FAX
I also need a fail safe anolog phone just in case

Now i am not to sure on what to purchase to make this system come together. I kind of got lost when it comes to FXO and FXS. Any ideas?


for your analog lines you will need FXO.

Failsafe is a separate issue. To do this you will need a power failure bypass.

What I would suggest is rather than spend time with your old PC compiling, driver etc, just buy an appliance as its not much more expensive than the line card you will need to purchase for the FXO anyway.

If you buy a Positron G-124 you will get:

4x FXO
2 FXS - so you can connect your fax
1 line power failover - FXO-1 will pass through to FXS-1 in the event of power failure
Compact Flash port or USB if you want to log or record
It has Asterisk embedded in it already with its own web based GUI
4 Port Ethernet switch
Real time battery / clock
Hardware echo canceller

You can take a look here: … 77&lang=en