Network slowness

I just installed about 15 phones on our office network after updating the phones to firmware versions 7.4

This is the first time connecting the phones and our network is pretty much kaput. The network activity is really high even though no one is working on their workstations- but the phones and the asterisk server are working just fine.

My thoughts are the phones may be looking for something on the web or other external network and clogging the bandwith. The internal network is really slow, and accessing the WWW has become nealry ipossible at time. Our own webserver is slow to. We are currently have 1 dedicated data T1 and one voice T1. The Data T1 is used to provide WWW connectivity and to connect our web server to the web. We are small and use very little bandwidth on our web server.

The settings on the phone look fine (from what I can tell, but I am new to this and NOT a network admin.) I am concerend about the DNS server settings. The DNS Server 1 is set to our local box, but other DNE servers are being referenced:

  1. DNS Server 1 -
  2. DNS Server 2 -
  3. DNS Server 3 -

And the last setting I have a Q about is:
24. Network Port 2 Device Type - Hub/Switch

Which port is Port 2?

Any thoughts?

um…what type of phones are they (manufacturer and model)???

Sorry about that.

The phones are all Cisco 7960.