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The ranch networks device is not a switch - it is simply a router - VLAN router that does bandwidth managment etc etc…

HP has a similar device it runs embeded BSD

The ProCurve Access Control Server 745wl, working in conjunction with the Switch xl Access Controller Module, provides a specialized, highly secure wireless access solution for demanding client environments. The easy-to-deploy, clientless guest-access solution is designed for installations that must deal with uncontrolled mobile clients in environments such as schools and universities, hospitals and hospitality, and businesses where network administrators have no control over the type and configuration of the wireless device. Designed to reduce the cost and complexity of securing a mobile LAN, the solution easily integrates into existing authentication services and wired and wireless infrastructure, enabling increased business productivity by providing mobile users with secure and appropriate access to network services.

this Description says its for Wifi, but can be used for wired connections as well - we use these in my install for all of our Wifi users. But they APs just plug into cards you can install into the box. upto 16 ports. It will nat devices, and or restrict what portion of the network that device can see, also do layer 7… The reason why they are not rec. for wired connections is because its a router, and has a max throughput of close to 300-350Mb/sec.

I suppose the Ranch Networks solution has the same issues… IT IS A VLAN ROUTER, with some bandwidth managment nothing more.

This IMO not a great solution for large installs… And you would be better off with using some good L2/L3 switches - and just configuring port security on your switches.


[quote] gizard
Let me get my mits on the RN20 next week and I’ll report more of my findings.

I was awaiting for the follow-up but some questions have since been answered that I pondered on (lot-of-thanx) , as data on Ranch Networks is a bit slim, but during he interim I have viewed quite a bit of detail on HP ProCurve (Lifetime Warranty, L2 QOS ++factors, L3 QOS kinda steep), but again awaiting response on follow-up.


My biggest concern about the Ranch Networks solution is the fact that it is a “MISSION CRITIAL” piece of your network. It acts as a core router, as in EVERYTHING on your network at one point routes through this device… With out knowing the Quality of technical support, and documentation, and userbase - I would not use this device in a critical application. But thats just me.

I guess if the price is right? How much does the thing cost anywho?


Ranch Networks RN300 is about ?374.00.


Yeah but the RN20 is between $6000 and $9000 dollars !

here is a review – though OLD the only one I can find…

You’re right. Gizard started off talking about the RN300 but later changed to RN20, and there is a significant difference in the price.


Hi All,

I actually purchased the HP ProCurve today, but thanks everyone for the information which assisted me in making this decision.