Need your help on Digit map

Im a starter to manage on the voip system.
My company installed Asterisk based IP PBX recently and need to set digit map to add a domain for sip url.
For example, if press number 9, and pstn number, then automatically added. So can be sent for some particiular call.
It means use different pstn gateway.

Can you please help to get digit map for this?
Many thanks

Digit maps are FreePBX constructs. Use for peer support on FreePBX.

In it’s simplest form, with Asterisk itself, you would do:

exten => _9.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}

However, you would normally have a sip.,conf section for, and refer to that, as the above would not deal with registration or authentication.

Something similar would work for PJSIP.

FreePBX probably takes 100 lines of dialplan to do the same, and has a GUI to construct that dialplan.

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