Need to understand Asterisk features in detail


I have a few requirement and would like to know if asterisk supports those or not

  1. Voice guidance: I want to output some voice guidance to the analog telephone via software control (asterisk).
  2. PB receiver and PB transmission (PB: push button): Does asterisk support RFC 4733?
  3. Does asterisk support MODEM signal detect/output, Standard ITU-T V.23

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  1. This should be easy for you to research for yourself.

  2. It supports RFC 2833, like most real world equipment. I don’t know what the significant differences are.

  3. In the limited context of caller ID signaling. It only supports the primary channel.

Do you have any idea about when will asterisk have the support for RFC4733?

Do you know what the difference is between RFC 4733 and 2833? A quick skim suggests that RFC 4733 is a framework, relying on IANA registration for details, and that it clarifies some details of 2833. A detailed examination may show that most 2833 implementations are actually 4733 compliant. Certainly specifying 4733 is not enough to achieve any useful interoperability, as, going by the introduction, it allows the basic digits 0-9 to be negotiated out, so a compliant implementation may not be able to handle telephony digits at all.

What is the actual problem you are trying to solve?

When will probably depend on market demand, particularly that affecting active developers, or Digium themselves if it starts to affect their commercialised Asterisk sales.