Need to replace default: "credits" in balance prompt

The balance prompts only say a couple of currencies, ie, “dollars”, “euros”, etc. Otherwise, it says “credits” and “cents”. How do I create voice prompts that say the local currency name?

Step 1.- connect your micro in your pc
step 2.- open an audio utility program
step 3.- talk and record
step 4.- export the recording to a wav file (8khZ mono 16PCM)
Step 5.- Upload to you asterisk server.
Step 6.- Use it.



wow…cool! But… I get a loud hum with the mic. And windows creates a wma file.

I read I could record with a phone, though, to create wav file (i have a phone hooked up). The problem is I do not know the details of how create and where to upload these files. Any ideas?

okay, I was able to record and upload the voice prompts in wav format and added the “currency_associations”. However, now the IVR does not indicate any currencies at all. It says you have xxx and xx. When I delete my currency additions it goes back to “credits”. My audio files do play fine with adequate volume. I am not sure whu it is not playing the added files.