Need Support for MGCP with Asterisk win 32


Using Asterisk “AsteriskWin32 0.66b build from Asterisk” we were able to simulate SIP call how ever, we are not able to configure Asterisk as MCGP controller.

While creating the dial plan we see SIP and IAX options, is it possible to get MGCP option.

We see mgcp.cong file but we are not able to decrypt it, to configure the users.

Could some one suggest the steps to simulate MGCP callflow.


Don’t use Asterisk Win 32. Whoever did it isn’t maintaining it.

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks a lot for your response. Could you please suggest us the better version that i could use to simulate MGCP Call Agent with Asterisk.



Firstly, you are way off topic.

What Malcolm is saying is that there are no Windows versions of Asterisk that should be used. The current Linux versions are 1.8.x and 11.x.