Need parameter value in dial application


We have five mobile number for ring all at same time.

Bellow is the Dial plan for same :

exten => 3000500,1,Set(PHONE_NUMBER1=XXXXXXXXXX)
exten => 3000500,n,Set(PHONE_NUMBER2=XXXXXXXXXX)
exten => 3000500,n,Set(PHONE_NUMBER3=XXXXXXXXXX)
exten => 3000500,n,Set(PHONE_NUMBER4=XXXXXXXXXX)
exten => 3000500,n,Set(PHONE_NUMBER5=XXXXXXXXXX)
exten => 3000500,n,Dial(${TRUNK}/0${PHONE_NUMBER1}&${TRUNK}/0${PHONE_NUMBER2}&${TRUNK}/0${PHONE_NUMBER3}&${TRUNK}/0${PHONE_NUMBER4}&${TRUNK}/0${PHONE_NUMBER5},45,Ttor)
exten => 3000500,n,Hangup

From above dial plan. When any call landed om 3000500 extension, all five numbers are ringing at same time. If any one picked up the call rest call disconnected.
We need the number details who answer the call. From all five numbers which are ringing.

Please suggest for same.

Where and how do you want to get the information?

I think AMI , could do the Job


We need parameter value in another context via macro call on answer event.


Can you suggest us for same. How AMI will work.

Use the AMI events, I think
this one could work anyway you can explore others related events Home - Asterisk Documentation