Need help with writing command when telephone prompt says

Hello Guys,

I just went to this site This call file is made by Asterisk company.

I read and found that it will allow user to make call. But my question is how to write script when Asterisk server (or telephone prompt) ask for “Enter Account number” after dialing with any extension number. Then I have to enter DTMF digit number then they will ask for Pin number then I will again enter DTMF digit number. Once Pin number is successful then they will make beep sound to show it is now recording and I can talk anything.

I went to this site It doesn’t say when prompt will ask for Account…(as above). It just said play digit number.

Please help me how to do it. Asterisk is not simple for me so help me with gently.

Scenario- Dial and hang up a call (Telephone line) [This will help you what I actually looking for].

  1. Pick up the phone

  2. Dial number using 300 or 400

  3. Prompt will ask for Account number

3.1) If telephone user enter wrong Activation number then prompt will say “Do again as Activation number is inccorect”

  1. After successful Activation number, prompt will ask to enter “Pin number”

4.1) If incorrect then prompt will say “Do again as Pin number is incorrect”

  1. After successful Pin number then user will hear beep sound which means the phone is in use and will be recorded and user can now talk anything

  2. Now user will hangup the phone