Need help with Asterisk

I have Asterisk working in my environment but I have 2 major problems:

  1. How do I make Asterisk users to be able to use their passwords on any phonebox extension on the network for outbound calls and not necessarily tie the passwords to user’s extension only? This is because I have users that move around the offices and need to make calls away from their desks.
  2. How can I make Asterisk to shut down extensions at a specific time e.g closing hours in order to prevent abuse.
  1. Use the Authenticate or DISA applications;
  2. Use time restrictions on included sub-contexts, or the GotoIfTime application.

These are the examples of included sub-contexts, in the sample extensions.conf that comes with Asterisk:

;include => daytime,9:00-17:00,mon-fri,*,* ;include => weekend,*,sat-sun,*,* ;include => weeknights,17:02-8:58,mon-fri,*,* ;