Need help to practice a chapter in Asterisk-Definitive Guide

I am following Asterisk™: The Definitive Guide book and now on chapter 5 - User Device Configuration
Link :

I gone through the page fully and in IAX.conf file they have configured two machines

[quote]; ---------------------------------------------------

; define a trunk to our first location

; a secure password – which means DON’T USE THIS ONE!

; Define the IP address of the Asterisk system at the other end of this connection
host=[ip address of far end]

; ---------------------------------------------------

; define another trunk using the same template

; a secure password – which means DON’T USE THIS ONE!

; IP address of Asterisk system at the other end
host=[ip address of far end][/quote]

Does this mean we need two Asterisk Servers separately installed ??
and also let me know whether I need AEX440E card to make my first call as said in this chapter ?


Just scanned through the chapter.

Yes, you need two different asterisk servers, but that what you have Virtualbox for…

No, you do not need a AEX440E to test calls, just use softphones.

The AEX440E is needed when you want to connect an asterisk server to the POTS network.

Just skip the dahdi part till you have access to an FXO/FXS card.

Good luck