Need help to dial code on PSTN trunk


Now that my setup is all complete, i need to change my callforwarding ring times on my Home PSTN, as my PSTN has a voicemail box. The carrier is saying, dial *94 on your phone and choose number of rings before forwarding to vm which default is 4 (choose 1 through 9).

my question is, i setup a disa and an outbound route for *94, yet it does not seem to work.

Is there another way to get dialtone directly from the PSTN trunk?

The Asterisk connects to the PSTN trunk via a SPA3102. Is there maybe a way to do that there?

The only thing i can think of is that your spa is not sending the feature code to the pstn and it may use the code internal. check all feature codes is the spa device.

second if you do not wan´t to use your voicemail from the pstn you can also set asterisk to anwser the call before ringing you phone then it will not reach the voicemail from you telco

but if asterisk answers the calls, then the phones will never ring, unless I setup an IVR, which I did not want an IVR in the front but after the call rings so many times all the sets, then it would go to IVR where the caller can choose to leave a message, or dial another extension.

There is no need to use an IVR
You just simple first answer the call, it does nothing but picking up then you dial the phone and whatever you wan’t after that.

don’t know what distribution you are using but with plain asterisk you can do it like this

exten => 123456,1,Answer
exten => 123456,2,Dial(sip/100,30,r)
exten => 123456,3,Goto(ivr,s,1)

Hmmm… not sure I understand how to do this in free pbx…
FreePBX & Asterisk (Ver. on CentOS 5.4