Need help setting up a new Asterisk system

My management wants me to setup an autodial system for our reps, which they’d like to use Asterisk for. I’ve never dealt with Asterisk at all, so I need some pointers.

The first question, is whether or not we can use the existing phone system for the outbound calls. We have an NEC system with a bunch of display phones, etc and about 150 extensions avail at this time. The phone sys is tied into a PRI and a couple of T1’s. Can I set up the Asterisk server to make its outbound calls through this system? We don’t have a VOIP provider, or the bandwidth avail to go VOIP (Only a 6Mbps connection, and it’s heavily used by the computers in the office)

Basically, I need to know what my options are as far as how to set up the system, get phones tied to it, and get it access to some outbound lines.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Vicidial was suggested by middletn in my other thread. Is there any additional information that can be provided in regards to this post?

Forgive my ignorance, I’ve never setup an Asterisk system before and haven’t the foggiest clue as to how to set up/install a new server, what cards to get for it (for the phone lines) or whether or not the system could tie into our existing extensions through the NEC phone sys we have to dial out.

Thanks again!

you can certainly use your existing pbx if it supports SIP or H.323 Trunking, u would need to setup vicidial as well.

So here is how the architecture looks like, divert T1s to asterisk box, u have to take Digium T1 cards for the same.

SIP Trunking with NEC PBX, so that extensions can make use of T1 lines to make outgoing calls.

Vicidial would be installed along with asterisk on the box for autodial.

For commercial support or setup u can email me as well.