[need help]question about call divert

I m using Snom 300 phones(hard phones), the problem is when I set call divert on the Snom to divert the call to my handy, the number of the Snom and the calling number will be transfered together on my handy and I can not see the whole number ,which is calling me.
how can I deal with it?
And if some more information is needed, let me know , I wll paste it soon


is this a feature of the Snom itself rather than the system it’s connected to ? looking at the Snom wiki there doesn’t appear to be an option to set the CallerID, but i would think that there would be a way to filter the CallerID when it hits your Asterisk dialplan.

show us a debug log for a call that’s diverted and we might be able to suggest something.

it’s probably also worth sending Snom support a question you won’t be the only person who wants the number shortened.