Need help planning my setup

Here’s what I’ve got:

Dell Poweredge 840
Dual Core 3060 Xeon 2.4ghz
4MB Cache
1066mhz FSB
4GB Ram
250 GB (x2) HDD - Raid-5? (it is set to mirror, but I forget the # that is)

I also bought 1 PowerConnect 2224, 24 Port FE Unmanaged Switch-R. I probably didn’t need it but I bought it anyway.

Here’s what I want to do:

I would like this server to be configured to run SugarCRM and be used as a PBX. I’ve downloaded Trixbox CE yesterday.

Currently, I have 2 PSTN (telco) phone lines coming into the office. I have just moved my office location and have only moved 1 of the PSTN lines. The other is still at the old location. I have been thinking of setting up voip lines but my previous experience with Vonage was not good. I had extremely poor call quality and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it working right. Well, for the first couple of years the call quality was great, but they start really heavily advertising and I think they overloaded there servers or something cause the quality went way down.

Anyway… I would currently like to set it up that the main PSTN number comes as an incoming call to the PBX that I setup. I would like to then have different extensions and voice prompts and the whole deal.

I would also like to have incoming fax to email. Currently, I subscribe to a virtual fax server, but I would like to set that up on my own server so I don’t have to keep paying them. I still however need to be able to have my physical fax machine send outgoing faxes. I don’t have a problem scanning and emailing a fax, but it is quicker and easier to stick it in a fax, dial and press start. Not to mention, there are others that work with me that are technologically challeneged (to put it nice).

I need what ever I setup to be scalable. I will be hiring sales people and I would like to provide them with a gateway to connect a regular analog phone to it, but their calls are still received through my server. That way if they leave me, I still get the calls and they can’t steal my clients, well it would at least make it slightly more difficult.

I would also like to set up follow me options. For example, on my voice mail I would like to be able to say “press 7 to connect to my cell phone, press 8 to connect to my home, etc”.

What hardware will I need to do this? How should I go about it. If possible, can you please give me actual part numbers not just a link to a page with 15 different products on it. I don’t know what I need so all that is, is a bunch of letters and numbers to me at this point.

I am half way through the Asterisk: The Future of Telephony. So, hopfully I will learn more, but for now I would like to get started.